How hard can it be?


Have you watched those infomercials or gone to a website and listened to someone say how easy it is to work online?   Then you asked yourself, how hard can it be?  Unless you have someone guiding you through the process, harder than you think.

Learning all the ins and outs of sales, marketing, web design, writing……the list doesn’t end.  Then you have the day that your website breaks —AGGGHH!!  Even with those challenges, working for yourself is better.  Your efforts are rewarded through accomplishment and satisfaction of doing the job yourself.

Now I am not suggesting that you should do all of this yourself.  You will need to network, ask questions and be willing to work.  So it’s not going to be easy but with the advantage of having resources tailored to helping you succeed, Empower Network can help you realize the dream of self-employment.

Joining a group of like-minded people that all want to succeed will make it easier.  Group effort for individual success – doesn’t that sound like a great way to get started?  Watch the video about the “Van Man” and you’ll see what you can do!

Why I Joined the Empower Network


Have you ever tried to start a blog or website? There are so many elements to starting a website it can be overwhelming. I know because that is where I found myself a few months ago. Not being a website developer or a salesperson or a marketer, I had a pretty big learning curve, like most new web entrepeneurs. So how do you get started?
Well, you can use the web to research and track down resources. You can subscribe to blogs and news feeds that will give you some of the information that you need to get started. Finding one single resource that will get you started and still have the option to promote your own business can be difficult.
Finding a resource that will do that, help you build your business and allow you to make more money as an affiliate than any other resource on a consistent basis? As they say in the commercials – really priceless. Through their lessons, quizzes and addressing the concerns of their members, Dave and Dave guide you through the process effortlessly.
Following the templates and a daily schedule demonstrate how they understand the web business. Using these tools and setting a daily schedule helps me to focus my daily tasks.

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